How to Comfort Your Crying Baby

So, you've fed your baby, changed their diapers and made sure that they are not sick, but your baby still doesn't seem to be showing any signs of quieting down? Here are a few tricks and techniques that you can use to soothe your crying baby:

  • Give them something to suck on

Offer your baby a pacifier or a clean finger to suck on, as sucking can help relax their stomach, steady their heart rate and settle them down.

  • Gently massage them

Most babies love to be massaged, so gently rub your child's back and kneed their arms and legs slowly to bring them comfort.

  • Slowly rock or sway them

While carrying your baby in your arms, gently rock or sway your baby to soothe them. You can also use a rocking chair, baby swing, bouncy seat, or stroller for this.

  • Swaddle and cuddle them

Not all babies enjoy being swaddled (wrapped), as some might find it too constrictive, but most will enjoy the warmth and closeness. Use a blanket to wrap your baby and gently move them around the room or hum to them in order to put them at ease.

  • Use music to soothe your baby

Try playing music, humming a song or a lullaby while moving around the room. You'll need to experiment with different types of music to find out what your baby likes more.

  • Expose them to some fresh air

Sometimes all your baby needs is a bit of fresh air to quiet them down. Open a window or take them outside the room and see how they react.



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